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Meryem Saadi is a journalist and curator-producer from Morocco, currently based in Sweden. Her work explores the intersections that exist between contemporary art, architecture, social conflicts and political instability.

Before relocating to Sweden in 2017 to pursue a Master’s in Art Curating at Stockholm University and then a post-course in Decolonizing Architecture at the Royal Institute of Art, she worked at the National Foundation of Moroccan Museums (Fondation Nationale des Musées du Maroc), and collaborated with the Moroccan weekly magazine TelQuel. She is currently a PhD student at Uppsala University within the Art History Department and the multidisciplinary research program Engaging Vulnerability.

Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

Re-thinking vulnerability: What we can learn from small and middle-sized art spaces in rural Sweden

All over the world, more and more small and middle-sized art institutions in rural areas are turning to decolonial, feminist and sustainable practices to initiate inventive and experimental approaches of working with contemporary art and artists.

At the same time, many of these art spaces are facing difficult times, in a tense socio-political context where politicians and media are increasingly challenging their existence. Their “value” and “usefulness” are questioned and their funding is threatened.

Meryem Saadi's research project will focus on Sweden and investigate what small and middle-sized rural art institutions have learned from their state of vulnerability. How did they use it, or reach beyond it, to produce experimental artistic and curatorial methodologies and practices? How can this knowledge be formulated in order to be shared with others, both inside and outside the art world?

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Meryem Saadi
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