Deanna Pittman

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Visiting from New York University, Deanna Pittman is a guest doctoral researcher in the Centre for Gender Research during the 2019-2020 academic year. Her PhD thesis is a qualitative field study on the experiences of politicians, workers in government agencies, and civil society implementing the Women, Peace and Security agenda under Sweden's feminist foreign policy.

Nyckelord: gender and unsc 1325 feminist theory foreign policy women peace and security

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Broadly speaking, Deanna's research interests are around women in policymaking, gender equality and international policy.

Deanna's current research project (tentatively titled, Using the f-word in foreign policy) is on Sweden's implementation of the global Women, Peace and Security agenda under Sweden's explicitly feminist foreign policy - a first of its kind. Sweden is considered one of the world's most gender equal societies and aims to be a global leader in gender equality. However, it remains unclear what makes Sweden's feminist foreign policy "feminist" and how such a policy works to achieve global gender equality, and other goals, in practice. Using in-depth interviews with key politicians, workers in government agencies, and civil society, as well as document analysis, the study considers what kinds of feminist ideas and ideals are represented in Sweden’s feminist foreign policy, and how various policy actors interpret and experience Sweden’s feminist foreign policy in relation to their work on the global Women, Peace and Security agenda. The purpose of this research is to understand how an explicitly feminist foreign policy matters for the Women, Peace and Security agenda in Sweden from the perspective and experiences of those responsible for its implementation.

Deanna's master's thesis, British Women’s Roles in Colonial Policy-Making: Female Circumcision and Female Education in Kenya, 1929-1939, was an archival project on the influential, but often marginalised, role of British women in colonial policymaking, particularly in shaping official policies toward female circumcision and female education in Britain's African colonies during the 1930s.


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