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Nyckelord: social history economic history political history institutional development the holy roman empire swedish history petitions administrative history credit early modern and modern history

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My academic interests range from diplomatic history in the Mediterranean in the eighteenth century to the development of the informal and formal credit markets in Sweden and Finland the early twentieth century. I have a penchant for mixing social, economic, political and administrative history in my research as I think that particular mix yields the most interesting results. The proportions vary from project to project.

I defended my thesis in 2016. It's topic is petitions submitted to the Age of Liberty Riksdag and their role in furthering political inclusion to groups that weren't represented in the Riksdag. I also investigate the role norms and administrative limitations played in shaping the interaction between the Riksdag and the petitioners, using March and Olsen's institutional theories on the Logic of Appropriateness. You can find the thesis here.

I am one of the founders and editors of the public history site Den Arga Historikern. Our aim is to create a forum for historians to engage with public debate.

Once quoted by Bloomberg.

Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

I am currently writing a book on Swedish diplomatic practices in eighteenth century Spain. I primarily look at the Swedish consuls. Previous research on the Swedish consuls have focused on either the economic or the cultural aspects of diplomatic practice. In my research I unite these aspects with a special emphasis on how they came together in the daily practice of the consuls and their various loyalties. I am also interested in the importance of consuls. Were they important for the growth of Swedish shipping in the Mediterranean or were they simply a state-scheme that stood in the way of economic growth. The project ends in 2021 and is funded by the Swedish Research Council. As part of the project, I will spend two years at the Department of Geography, History and Philosophy at the Pablo de Olavide University in Seville.

I also try to find time to do some work on the Swedish Riksdag, petitions, credit relations in Sweden and Finland, and the relationship between the Swedish state and its provinces in the Holy Roman Empire.

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Martin Almbjär