Peter Jakobsen

doktorand vid Kulturgeografiska institutionen

018-471 2541
Ekonomikum, Kyrkogårdsgatan 10
Box 513
751 20 UPPSALA

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Although I have a broad interest in Human Geography, my main fields of interest revolve around political geography, political economy, and the histories and philosophies of geographical thought. My current research is about the political geography and colonial history of the U.S. Virgin Islands. The project aims to study the impact of U.S. federal fiscal policies on social stratification on the islands, and how this is mediated and produced through a distinct politics of geographical scale.

Mina kurser


Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

Currently pursuing a PhD at the Department of Social and Economic Geography at Uppsala University (2018 - present). I hold a Master of Science in Human Geography from Lund University (2015 - 2017), and a Bachelor of Science in Geography from Aalborg University (2012 - 2015). Besides my current research, I have previously been involved in the collaborative research project Cohousing and Sustainable Urban Development, which includes researchers from Chalmers University, Gothenburg University and Lund University.


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