Constanze Eib

biträdande universitetslektor vid Institutionen för psykologi, Avdelningen för Personlighets-, social- och organisationspsykologi

018-471 2115
Von Kraemers allé 1A och 1C
752 37 Uppsala
Box 1225
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My research interests are related to the field of organizational justice (perceptions and enactment), rumination, well-being, occupational health, among employees and entrepreneurs/owner-managers.

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PhD in Work and Organizational Psychology, Stockholm University, Sweden (2015)

Diploma, Heidelberg University, Germany (2010), Major: Work and Organizational Psychology


June 2015 – May 2018 Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Organizational Behavior, Norwich Business School, University of East Anglia.

2017 Course instructor Work and Organizational Psychology, Department of Psychology, Heidelberg University.

Visiting Scholar in December 2015, February 2016, March 2017, Department of Psychology, Stockholm University.

2015 Course instructor Organizational Behavior, Department of Management, Law and Human Resources, EMLYON Business School, France.

2014 Visiting PhD Candidate, College of Business Administration, University of Central Florida, US.

2012 Visiting PhD Student, Department of Management, Law and Human Resources, EMLYON Business School, France.


Project grant (Beyond ill-health – The impact of organizational injustice on withdrawal from work and labor market exit in cooperation with Constanze Leineweber and Claudia Bernhard-Oettel). 2017 Forte (Swedish Research Council for Health, Working life and Welfare) (3,330,000 SEK).

Project grant Oxfam (Project on fairness of the supply chain in the tea industry in Malawi with Andrew Fearne). 2016 UEA (7,893 GBP).

Project grant (Organizational justice and health: Effects of organizational changes and insecurity over time in cooperation with Constanze Leineweber, Claudia Bernhard-Oettel and Holendro Singh Chungkham). 2013 Styrelsen för Stiftelsen Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (2,650,000 SEK).

Course grant (ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research, Ann Arbor, Mi). 2011 Swedish National Data Service (2641 USD).

2011 Department of Psychology, Stockholm University. PhD Scholarship. 2011 Department of Psychology, Stockholm University (ranked as number 1).

Project grant (Development and Validation of a Scale for Social Exhibitionism in the Internet (SEXI) in cooperation with Max Vetter, Sonja Hill-Kloss, Philipp Wollscheid). 2010 Karl-Steinbuch Scholarship (9 371 USD).


Ad-hoc Reviewer for Scandinavian Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment & Health, Journal of Business Venturing, Social Justice Research, Entrepreneurship, Theory, and Practice, British Journal of Management, Economic and Industrial Democracy, Journal of Business Ethics, BMC Women's Health


The overall aim of my research program is to contribute to the understanding of the relationship between organizational justice and well-being/health. In this, my research combines both fundamental and applied sciences. I am interested in justice enactment (‘the justice actor’ perspective) as well as justice perceptions. I study both employees and small business entrepreneurs. I have also recently begun to study the health processes of entrepreneurs in more detail. As my core goal involves understanding psychosomatic processes, I tend to focus on longitudinal data analysis techniques, as a complement to other techniques including laboratory studies and cross-sectional surveys. In my dissertation, I show that fairness perceptions are important for employees work attitudes, behaviors, and this extends to their health. This makes it an important area for employees and the wider society. Further, as entrepreneurs are crucial for employment creation, it is important to understand the behaviors and well-being of entrepreneurs better.


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