Miguel A. Martínez

professor i sociologi, ssk bostads- och urbansociologi vid Institutet för bostads- och urbanforskning (IBF)

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kursledare vid Sociologiska institutionen, Affilierade

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I am mostly focused on the analysis of urban movements and activism. In addition, I am interested in participatory processes about urban planning. Other topics under the umbrella of urban sociology and urban politics, such as housing policies, socio-spatial segregation, use of public spaces, sustainable mobility, local governance and gentrification, are part of my research work as well. More broadly, social movements, political sociology and qualitative methods, too.

Nyckelord: social movements urban studies housing urban sociology

My first interests focused on Participatory-Action-Research methods and processes. These were applied to the study of citizen participation in urban planning and urban movements, which nurtured my PhD dissertation in 2000. Afterwards, I held teaching positions in different universities of Spain, Portugal and Hong Kong. In parallel to my academic career I also worked professionally at the Municipal Housing Department in Vigo (2000-2002) and occasionally as a consultant in several urban plans across Spain. Other topics I have covered in my research are urban sustainability, segregation, housing, migration, density, globalisation, urban mobility, politics, governance, labour, and social structures. These concerns were developed in different cities (mainly Porto, Vigo, Madrid and Hong Kong, but also during short stays in Medellin, Chicago, Beijing, Berlin, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, etc.). In addition I have often participated in various social movements that, in turn, became one of my main research subjects.

Aktuell forskning:

2020-22 The Intersectional and Sustainable Impacts of Housing Movements: The Spanish Case. Funded by FORMAS. PI: Miguel A. Martínez.

2020 Worker Centres from a Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Funded by the ILO (International Labour Organisation). PI: Miguel A. Martínez.

2019-22 Urban Struggles for the Right to the City and Urban Commons in Brazil and Europe. Funded by: STINT-CAPES. PI: Miguel A. Martínez and Dominika V. Polanska.

2018-21 Renovation and participation: towards an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable Million Program? Funded by: FORMAS. PI: Håkan Thörn.

2017-19, SqEK project, 'Squatting and Urban Commons', self-funded. PI: Miguel A. Martínez and Dominika V. Polanska.

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Miguel A. Martínez
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