Aaron Tuckey

Kursassistent vid Institutionen för geovetenskaper, CEMUS

Villavägen 16
75236 Uppsala
Villavägen 16
75236 Uppsala

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Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

I currently work as a course coordinator at the The Centre for Environment and Development Studies (CEMUS) and a research assistant at the Climate Change Leadership Node at Uppsala University (see biography). I hold a MSc (Social-ecological resilience for sustainable development) from the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Mina kurser


Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

I currently coordinate the course Sustainable Economic Futures. I have previously coordinated the courses The Global Economy: Environment, Development and Globalisation and Teknik, makt och mänsklighetens framtid (technology, power and the future of humanity).

As a research assistant I am currently working on the Carbon Budgets 2020-2040 project. This research translates the Paris Agreement into carbon budgets for Swedish municipalities (kommuner) and regional governments (län). The project worked in close collaboration with local government authorities and resulted in the publication of both individual reports for participating bodies and a guide for a fair implementation of the Paris Agreement within Swedish municipalities and regional governments, both of which I co-authored. The reports are available here.

I also work as a group leader for Framtidsklubben GRO: a collaboration between CEMUS and Uppsala municipality. Framtidsklubbben GRO provides a learning space for talented and gifted school students to engage with sustainability and climate challenges.


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