Samuel Blyth

doktorand vid Institutionen för geovetenskaper, Naturresurser och Hållbar utveckling

018-471 84350498-108435
Campus Gotland, Cramérgatan 3
62157 Visby
Uppsala universitet, Campus Gotland
62167 Visby

Mina kurser


Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

My current research interests focus on the socio-ecological relationships, stewardship, and governance issues surrounding the conservation and management of marine and freshwater resources, with a particular emphasis on recreational fisheries.

I completed my MSc in Renewable Resources at McGill University. My thesis focused on an investigation of the ecosystem services linking mangrove forests and human well-being southwest Madagascar. After obtaining my MSc I worked as a field scientist for Blue Ventures in Madagascar, co-ordinating the monitoring of coral reef ecosystems with community based management of marine resources. From 2015 until starting my doctoral studies I have worked with the Energy and Technology Department at SLU on a project focusing on the use of fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) to convert organic waste into a valuable and protein rich product.


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