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I am a political scientist but I work at the intersection of the social sciences and the humanities. I have lived and worked in Italy, Holland, the UK, and the US. I am interested in migration and healthcare, family and relationships, democracy and political cultures. You can read my latest articles in Population and Development Review, BMC-Public Health, Boston Review, and Dissent Magazine.

Nyckelord: political science qualitative methods philosophy migration populism

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Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

My education and work experience spans practice and academia, humanities and social science, Europe and the US. I hold a PhD in political science, an MA in gender studies, and undergraduate and graduate degrees in philosophy and education.

My research explores the continuum between family and society, a subject that crosses disciplinary boundaries. My research interests have developed mainly along three lines: 1) families, relationships and population change; 2) democracy and theories of justice; 3) inequalities related to gender, age, socio-economic circumstances, migration and citizenship.


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