Niclas Borinder

museiassistent vid Evolutionsmuseet, Paleontologi och mineralogi

Norbyvägen 22
752 36 Uppsala
Norbyvägen 16
752 36 Uppsala

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I am a collections assistant working with the curating of the collections at the Museum of Evolution, Palaeontology as well as giving a helping hand wherever I am needed. Aside from it, I am also doing some research on my own, concerning dinosaurs. Previously, I have been connected to the museum through an internship. I am also affiliated with the Department of Paleobiology, Swedish Museum of Natural History.

Nyckelord: china dinosaurs osteology lagrelius collection

Mina kurser


Dinosaurs; I am together with my associates at the museum and abroad, currently re-describing the Chinese hadrosauroid (“Duck-billed dinosaur”) Tanius sinensis, of the museums own dinosaurs , which is one of the very first non-avian dinosaurs described from China, indeed, one of the first named classical dinosaurs from Asia. The plan for the project is that it will be published as a series of papers dealing with different aspects of its anatomy and biology coupled with a review on its faunistic, geological and historical context.


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