Vendela Zetterqvist

Docent vid Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper, Barn- och ungdomspsykiatri

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Akademiska sjukhuset
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Dr Zetterqvist’s research interest is behavior medicine in theory and practice, applied to children and adults. Recently she has developed and evaluated two different digital psychological interventions for adolescents - one for chronic pain, and another for insomnia co-morbid to psychiatric disorders. Her previous research has focused on results and treatment mechanisms in psychological interventions for tinnitus and chronic pain in adults. She has also studied the role of psychological factors in understanding tinnitus distress and pain interference. Dr Zetterqvist is a lecturer in clinical psychology and a practicing clinical psychologist.

Below is a selection of Dr Zetterqvist's publications, published since she was affiliated to the Department of Neuroscience at Uppsala University in 2016. (Some publications are listed in the system DiVA by her maiden name Westin)

Her previous affiliation was at the Department of Behavioural Sciences and Learning at Linköping University

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Vendela Zetterqvist
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