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Villavägen 16
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Villavägen 16
75236 Uppsala

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My research investigates the social-historical dynamics of primary resources, and how it impacts the long-term biocultural sustainability of sea- and landscapes

Nyckelord: qualitative methods sociological theory global change sustainability studies agriculture moral responsibility sociology of emotion fisheries small-scale fisheries sociology power rural development rural studies sustainability transition smallholders alternative technologies

From an early age I have been fascinated by the diverse ways in which humans work with and dependent on nature. This fascination led me to scientifically study rural life as a MSc student (1995-2000) in Rural Development Studies, and as a PhD student (2001-2006) in Rural Sociology at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. I also worked at the Swedish University for Agricultural Sciences (2006-2010), the department of Earth Sciences at Uppsala University (2015-2018), the Stockholm Resilience Centre (2010-2020), and I have spent 10 months as visiting professor at the Department of Ecology and Natural Resources and Human Ecology at Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA (2016-2017).

The thematic focus of my research can be summarized broadly as the social dynamics and relations that shape the primary use of natural resources. My case studies - located in The Netherlands, Malawi, Australia, Vietnam, and Sweden - include investigations of how farmers and fishers impact and depend upon terrestrial and marine ecologies. I am particularly interested in understanding (mis)matches between the values, interests of farmers and fishers and the social and ecological opportunities to realize their preferred farming and fishing styles. I strive to construct case studies through a mixed-method design that includes qualitative and quantitative methods.

I also work to develop social scientific theory and method for the study of natural resource use, to contribute to the development of sustainability science in research and education. I supervise students at both MSc and PhD levels, and teach courses at both levels. Furthermore, I also act as an associate editor for the journal Ambio: A journal of the Human Environment, which is published by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Springer, and serve on the editorial board of the journal Society & Natural Resources.

My publications can be found here; and here you can see my editorial and review work

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Wiebren Boonstra
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