Rhiannon Pugh

postdoktor vid Kulturgeografiska institutionen

Ekonomikum, Kyrkogårdsgatan 10
Box 513
751 20 UPPSALA

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My research is broadly within the fields of economic geography and public policy. Specifically, I am interested in the governance of regional economic development, especially in the context of weaker, post-industrial, uncompetitive, and peripheral regions. I am interested in how key theories and approaches in economic geography are translated into policy actions, and how relevant and tenable these dominant approaches are when considered in non-favourable regional settings.

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Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Social and Economic Geography at Uppsala, in receipt of individual funding (Browaldhstipendium from Handelsbankens forskningsstiftelser). Prior to this position, I worked as a post-doc in Lancaster University Management School in the UK, and completed my PhD at Cardiff University in 2014.


Within the broad remit of the governance of regional economic development, there are two research streams I am primarily working on. The first is regional innovation policy, and I have several published papers and book chapters based on my research in Wales on this subject, where I conducted a twenty year analysis of economic development and innovation policies and programmes. I have worked extensively with colleagues in Finland on the topic of innovation policy, and have a visiting researcher position at Tampere University, which allows me to explore these topics in the Nordic context.

An emerging research strand is the role of universities in regional economic development, and I am currently working on broadening this theme through international collaborations and new fieldwork in diverse locations globally. I am currently working on fiedlwork undertaken in Brazil, and I have also worked with colleagues in China, France, and Finland to conduct comparative case study work.

In addition to my research activities, I teach on undergraduate and masters courses on economic and political geography topics. I serve as an early career editor of the journal Regional Studies, Regional Science.


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