Maria Nordbrandt Bergström

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My thesis is situated at the intersection between political theory and empirical research. Current work investigate the association between contestation in political discussions and pro-environmental preferences and affective polarization theoretically and empirically. Research interests include deliberative- and participatory democratic theory, political and social polarization, and socio-ecological relationships. I utilize both quantitative and qualitative methods in my empirical work.


Nordbrandt, Maria (2020) Do cross-cutting discussions enhance pro-environmental attitudes? Testing green deliberative theory in practice. Environmental politics

Head teacher for the bachelor level Methods course with focus on research design, case studies and regression analysis.

Affiliated to the Mistra Geopolitic's research school.

Master's degree in Political Science from Umeå University, 2014. I wrote my master's thesis on the connection between non-parliamentary political participation and post-materialist values.

Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Dalarna University, 2012. My bachelor's thesis engaged with trust in political institutions on the local level.

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Maria Nordbrandt Bergström
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