Dominika Polanska

forskarassistent i sociologi vid Institutet för bostads- och urbanforskning (IBF)

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Kort presentation

Dominika är docent i sociologi och har sedan sitt avhandlingsarbete 2011 om inhägnade bostadsområden (gated communitites) i Polen fokuserat på sociala rörelser i Östeuropa, men även Sverige, som arbetar med boende- och bostadsfrågor. Hennes forskningsintressen omfattar: urbana sociala rörelser, husockupationer, informell organisering, icke-traditionella former av civilsamhälleligt engagemang och hyresgästorganisering. Hennes senaste forskning behandlar boendes upplevelser av renovering.

Nyckelord: social movements housing civil society

Mina kurser


I work in the field of urban sociology and my main research interests can be summarized in three themes:

  • Privatization of urban spaces: gentrification, displacement and the role of housing
  • Urban social movements: squatting, tenants’ mobilizations and the right to the city
  • Civil society and non-traditional civic engagement

Empirically I have conducted studies in Poland and Sweden. I am interested in how cultural and political contexts are conditioning the emergence and development of particular protests and movements, and above all in the motivations behind these mobilizations.

An important aspect in my research has been to go beyond the division of East and West and the established conceptualizations of civil society. In my research I uphold a critical perspective by taking into account less “successful” or visible cases of mobilization, focusing on the excluded perspectives, and working closely and oftentimes collaboratively with my research objects.

Recently I have done research on residents' perceptions of costly renovation and displacement, where I have focused on individual and collective resistance to renovations among tenants.

Read more about my current research projects:
Squatting and Urban Commons
Searching for sustainable alternatives in a time of crisis


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