Annika Skoglund

Universitetslektor , docent vid Institutionen för samhällsbyggnad och industriell teknik, Industriell teknik

018-471 3893
Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1
752 37 Uppsala
Box 169
751 04 Uppsala

Kort presentation

My main area is new organisational forms, with focus on how these arise and affect businesses, technological paths and the human. I study renewable energy activism within corporations, smaller businesses and communities, as well as 'alternative entrepreneurship', such as social, green, political and sustainable entrepreneurship. I seek to advance ethnographic and videographic methods to enable studies of new organisational forms.

Akademiska meriter: Docent i teknisk fysik med inriktning mot industriell teknik

Nyckelord: climate social science alternative entrepreneurship organization cross-dicsiplinary research

Mina kurser


Description of ongoing research

Ethnography of Renewable Energy Activism

This research project started in 2012 and is an ethnography of a wind power development unit in a European utility company. The fieldwork has been pursued in Sweden and the UK. The project is funded by The Swedish Energy Agency and includes a guest professor, Steffen Böhm. In connection to the topic of commercialization of Renewable Energy Technologies I am also supervising a PhD student, Jessica Garcia Teran.

Total external funds received (2012-2016): 4,3 million SEK

Videographies of "Alternative Entrepreneurship"

I act as project leader for a group which includes Associate Professor Karin Berglund and Dr. David Redmalm. We are curious about how the Hungarian company Prezi engages with social and political issues and how this is connected to their stimulation of creativity among the employees, and in extension, their core operations. The project is funded for four years by Ragnar Söderbergs Foundation and will in addition to normal academic publishing generate three ethnographic video documentaries and a thematized database of filmclips. This sort of method will secure both an effective dissemination of research results as well as more innovative teaching methods in the classroom.

Total external funds received (2014-2018): 5,3 million SEK


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