Yang Hu

Forskare vid Institutionen för farmaci, Translationell PKPD

Biomedicinskt Centrum BMC, Husargatan 3
752 37 Uppsala
Box 580
751 23 UPPSALA

Kort presentation

I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in Translational PKPD research group with strong research interests in neuropharmacokinetics, blood-brain barrier, neurotoxicity, brain drug delivery, nanocarrier delivery systems

Nyckelord: in vivo neurotoxicity pharmacokinetics blood brain barrier microdialysis brain drug delivery nanocarriers transporters

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My current project focuses on investigating the pharmacokinetic aspects of the development of drug-induced neurotoxicity, as a part of EU-IMI2 project NeuroDeRisk (Neurotoxicity derisking in preclinical drug discovery).

Neurotoxicity, ie any adverse effect on the central nervous system or peripheral nervous system, is a major issue encountered in clinical phases of drug R&D that at the present stage of science and technology is still poorly predicted in the pre-clinical drug candidate assessment. As part of the EU IMI2-RIA funded consortium NeuroDeRisk (Neurotoxicity De-Risking in Preclinical Drug Discovery) will provide novel validated and integrated tools to improve the preclinical prediction of adverse effects of pharmaceuticals on the nervous system, thus helping to de-risk drug candidates earlier in the R&D phases. Together with EFPIA members Sanofi, Novartis, MSD, Pfizer, UCB, Biopharma, AZ, Fujifilm Cellular Dynamics and a group of leading EU academic institutions,

For more details visit the web page: http://neuroderisk.eu/

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Yang Hu
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