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Cecilia Fåhraeus is a PhD candidate in human geography, with master's degrees in political science and human geography. Her research focus is development geography, particularly from a sub-Saharan African perspective. Specific research interests include informal settlements and slum formation, livelihood systems, GIS, and different types of social exclusion. Her PhD project revolves around women's livelihood strategies in urban and peri-urban low-income areas in Lusaka, Zambia.

I have been employed as a PhD candidate since September 2013. My dissertation is constituted by various studies on women's livelihood strategies in urban and peri-urban low-income areas in Lusaka, Zambia. More specifically, my intention is to determine i) to what extent spatial idiosyncracies of urban and peri-urban landscapes shape women's livelihood strategies, and ii) how these livelihoods contribute to women's (dis)empowerment on the household and community level. My theoretical framework is predominantly inspired by feminist, post-colonial and critical theory. I use a mixed methods approach, including qualitative elements such as various ethnographic tools, and quantitative elements such as surveys, statistical analysis, remote sensing and GIS.

My publications include:

Fåhraeus, C. (2014). Gender dimensions of urban and peri-urban agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. In: Magnusson, U. & Follis, K. (Eds). Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture for Food Security in Low-Income Countries - Challenges and Knowledge Gaps. SLU Global Report, 2014:4. http://www.slu.se/en/international/slu-global/scientific-themes/urban-and-peri-urban-farming/reports-related-to-urban-and-peri-urban-farming/


(2013). Master's degree in Human Geography, Lund University. Master's thesis: In the eye of the beholder? Exploring the connection between slum upgrading and gentrification in an improved settlement in Metro Manila, Philippines. For this thesis, I was awarded the Hydén Award for best thesis on socio-economic and political issues in middle- and low-income countries.

(2009). Master's degree in Political Science, Lund University. Master's thesis: A harmony not foreseen. A study of the prevalence of conflict in NGO - local government relations in Uganda. Bachelor's thesis: A battlefield of breadwinners and housewives. A study of gender identities and discourses of empowerment in Kenya (funded by SIDA through Minor Field Study scholarship).


(2013 - 2017). PhD Candidate at Uppsala University

(2010 - onwards). Gender mainstreaming consultant for Primate Gender Solutions (own firm)

(2009). Trainee in gender mainstreaming, human rights and reproductive health for We Effect, Niassa, Mozambique

(2006-2012). Assistance coordinator for SOS International a/s, Copenhagen, Denmark

(2006). Trainee in policy analysis, human rights and migration for the Embassy of Sweden, Manila, Philippines

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Cecilia Fåhraeus
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