Helena Svaleryd

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Helena's research interest is in the area of labor economics and related fields. On-going projects studies the determinants of child-well being, including health and educational outcomes. She is affiliated with Uppsala Center for Labour Studies (UCLS) and Uppsala Center for Fiscal Studies (UCFS).

Akademiska meriter: FD, docent

Nyckelord: health economics labor economics public economics family economics

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My research spans many areas and is mainly empirical in nature. The focus of my current work is on the determinants of child well-being; including the relationship between parental background and child well-being, as well as effects of policy. On-going projects use different strategies to identify the causal effects of family conditions and policy changes on child health and education outcomes.

I am also interested in how governance and accountability in firms and elected assemblies affect choices in the organization. In previous studies I have analyzed the impact of ownership changes and structure on wages and employment decisions in firms. Using data from Swedish municipalities I have studied the effect of political competition and female representation on spending decision.

Current project: Growing up in the welfare state: Health and inequality among children and youth in Sweden.

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Please visit my personal website to learn more about my ongoing research.

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Helena Svaleryd
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