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I am currently working on two research projects. The first concerns alternative entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial management of values and social engagement. The second concerns human-animal relationships and the place and meaning of animals in human organization.

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Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

I received a PhD in Sociology from Örebro University in 2014. My thesis, “An Animal Without an Animal Within,” concerns the distinction between human and animal and how the dualism affects identity construction and social norms, both in theory and in lived practice. My research focuses on social theory, identity construction, the organization of informal social groups and the relation between informal and formal organizations, and human-animal relationships. I have taught sociology and social psychology since 2008, with an emphasis on social theory and qualitative methodology. I am a member of two research groups at Uppsala University: The HumAnimal Group at Centre for Gender Research and Cultural Matters at the Department of Sociology. I also participate in the Discourse Seminar at the Department of Child and Youth Studies, Stockholm University, chaired by Prof. Mats Börjesson.

Description of ongoing research

Videographies of “Alternative Entrepreneurship”

The project team consists of Annika Skoglund at (project leader) at the Division of Industrial Engineering and Management, and Karin Berglund at Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University. We use ethnography, interviewing and videography to study how the Hungarian ITC company Prezi engages in social issues such as gender equality and cultural and sexual diversity. We are also interested in how employees are encouraged to engage is form of what we call “alternative entrepreneurship,” and how they view their identity within the organization. We work with videos for three reasons: to try new ways to disseminate research both in and outside of academia, to capture details in the everyday work of the company, and to use the material to develop interactive teaching methods. The project is founded for four years by Ragnar Söderberg Foundation.

Human Animal-Relationships in Human Organization

This is an ongoing research project exploring the various cultural aspects of human-animal relationships. It includes both theoretical studies concerning the distinction between humans and other animals on social theory, and empirical studies focusing on animals in popular culture and everyday life. I have previously published articles on the notion of the animal in the writing of Emmanuel Lévinas, on the meaning of small dogs in popular culture, and on how pet owners grieve their pets and view their pets’ transience. Together with Annika Skoglund, I have studied the construction of Barack Obama’s dog, Bo Obama, and Bo’s effect on the imagery surrounding the President. I am also currently interviewing pet owners to develop the understanding of pets’ place in the lives of humans.


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