Kristiaan Pelckmans

forskare vid Institutionen för informationsteknologi, Systemteknik

018-471 3393
Rum ITC 2338 ITC, Lägerhyddsv. 2, hus 2
752 37 UPPSALA
Box 337
751 05 UPPSALA

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Since 2018, I am appointed the 'docent' in Uppsala University, equivalent to 'associate professor'. My research touches on machine learning, automatic control and different applications of either.

Nyckelord: machine learning automatic control system identification

Mina kurser


My (see also research studies different forms of Machine Learning (ML), and various applications of those. My interests are found in the theoretical, algorithmical and application-oriented aspects of the question: what makes a good ML algorithm work in given case? It is fair to say that data-based techniques are evolving parallel to the ever-increasing availability of computational power. But while the availability of fast hardware is mostly regulating the latter, the limits of the former are often dictated by the availability of proper algorithms. Properly designed algorithms are (1) theoretically sound, (2) in-tune with its intended application aim, and (3) computational attractive. These topics are invariantly present underlying trends as neural networks, kernel machines, compressed sensing, deep learning and Big Data.


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