Hanne Martinek

visiting teacher at Department of Government, Affiliates

Visiting address:
Gamla Torget 6
Postal address:
Box 514
751 20 UPPSALA

Keywords: social inequality gender nationalism welfare regime class war

My courses


Since January 2016 part of the project The politics of military loss in contemporary Europe, led by Cecilia Åse, Stockholm University. More on the project

May 2016 Defense of the thesis Mothers' social citizenship. The Logics and effects of the German and Swedish welfare states


Right now, I work in the project "the politics of military loss in contemporary Europe", together with an international group of researchers. The project is led by Cecilia Åse, Stockholms University. I personally focus on how the death of German soldiers in the Afghanistan-mission is discussed in parliament and how gender and nation are constructed in this process. More about the project can be found here

My other central research focus is gender and the welfare state, which is expressed in the subject of my thesis “Mothers’ social citizenship. Logics and effects of the German and Swedish welfare states” which I defended in may this year (2016). In this study, I focus on the welfare state’s performance in prevention of poverty and dependence, and I show that Germany and Sweden both perform rather poorly in protecting mothers who stand outside the labor market from poverty or dependence of a male breadwinner. Further, though, I also show that the Swedish welfare state succeeds to a much greater extent in integrating mothers in the labor market. Therefore, poverty and dependence among mothers is clearly a bigger problem in Germany than in Sweden.


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