Maja Lagerqvist

senior lecturer at Department of Social and Economic Geography

+4618-471 2540
Visiting address:
Ekonomikum, Kyrkogårdsg. 10
Postal address:
Box 513
751 20 UPPSALA

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I am a cultural and historical geographer interested in issues of place construction and transformation, modern historical landscapes, heritage, public spaces, homes (first and second), youth mobility, crises, landscape transformation, representation, sonic geographies and the interaction of materiality and immateriality.

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At present I am working on several research projects:

- Integration eller åtskillnad? En studie av mobilitet och mångfald i Stockholm (with PhD Linn Axelsson, Bo Malmberg and Tomas Wimark, Department of Human Geography, Stockholms university, 2017-2019)

- The crofts after the crofters: places for the marginalised? (Herrgårdstorpen efter torparna: en plats för de marginaliserade? This project explores crofts in sweden in the post war ear and n particular their function as marginal spaces for or spaces for those who seeks the margins. (Pilot study during 2018 with PhD Annika Pers Strandin Department of Human geography, Stockholm University).

- The Family and the Second home: Enacting material, social and emotional values with complications across generations. This project explores how second home users relate to and engage in their second home in relation to existing or/and future shared usage/ownership and generational changes there (with PhD Annika Pers Strandin Department of Human geography, Stockholm University).

- Heritage in times of crisis. This project explores how heritage is used, conceptualised and valued in relation to the global economic crisis, particularly its effects on heritage in the Republic of Ireland. This is my postdoc-project (2013-2015), which I am developing further now.

- Urban Geographies of sound. This project looks at the role of live music and sound in urban public places, with an interest in the relationship between music/sound and conviviality, spaces of affect/emotion/memory as well as processes of power and regulation and in relation to social inequalities (with PhD Karolina Doughty, Wageningen University)

My doctoral research elaborated on the integration of material and immaterial dimensions in processes of place construction through a study of the transformations of Swedish rural small holdings into second homes during the 20th century. To download my thesis, Torpets transformationer: Materialitet, representation och praktik från år 1850 till 2010, see


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Lagerqvist, M (2015): Book-Review of McGrath. B (2013) Landscape and society in contemporary Ireland. Social & Cultural Geography. 16(5), p. 587-588

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Lagerqvist, M (2009): Book-Review of Bäck, K Sverigebilden: En historia om rödfärg, tegel, trädgårdar och byggnader eller Hem och hus: bebyggelseförändringar på landsbygden 1840-80. In Bebyggelsehistorisk tidskrift No 57 Landskapets resurser, p. 101-102.


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