Kirill Filimonov

doctoral/PhD student at Department of Informatics and Media

+4618-471 5149
Visiting address:
Ekonomikum (plan 3), Kyrkogårdsg. 10
Postal address:
Box 513
751 20 UPPSALA

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Doctoral student studying performance of participation in radical left-wing alternative media.

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PhD scholar in media and communication studies (since 2016) analysing the performance of participation on radical left-wing online platforms in France, Russia, and the UK from a poststructuralist and discourse-theoretical perspective. Holds a Master's in Social Science from Uppsala University (2015) and a Bachelor's in Journalism from Higher School of Economics, Moscow (2013). His research interests include political communication, media studies, democratic theory, gender studies, and identity politics. With a background in political journalism, Kirill has collaborated with a number of counter-hegemonic media outlets in Russia.


In my current project, I'm doing a poststructuralist analysis of participatory processes in alternative and activist media, approaching them as an ongoing performance. Following the discourse-theoretical tradition that privileges social contingency and conflict as ontological categories, the study views participation as a floating signifier whose content and meaning depend on ongoing discursive struggles between actors of decision-making processes. Thus, rather than working with a well-defined meaning of participation in the first place, the project explores the ongoing construction of its meaning through shaping participatory intensities and, consequently, power dynamics on the platforms.
The study argues that the meaning of participation is stabilised through performances of signifying and material practices by the participants that seek to identify with particular discourses on participation and subject positions within these discourses. Furthermore, it specifically intends to look into the ways in which discourses on diversity are performed within the media platforms that explicitly reject internal hierarchies and position themselves in the midst of progressive movements.


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