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Daniel Finnbogason

research assistant at Department of Peace and Conflict Research

+4618-471 7596
Visiting address:
Gamla Torget 3, 1tr
753 20 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 514
751 20 UPPSALA

Short presentation

Research assistant in the research project "Resolving Jihadist Conflicts? Religion, Civil War, and Prospects for Peace". Daniel completed his Master's degree in Peace and Conflict Studies at the Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University, in 2015. His research interests include Islamist armed conflicts, conflict resolution, terrorism, and counterterrorism.

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My work in "Resolving Jihadist Conflicts?" consists of project administration and coordination as well as research-related tasks such as research assistance, coding, and independent and joint research.

Education and previous experience

  • Research assistant, Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University 2015
  • Research assistant/Deputy secretary, Sverige, Nato och säkerheten 2015
  • Master's degree, Peace and Conflict Studies, Uppsala university 2015
  • Trainee, Department of Defence, Embassy of Sweden in Singapore 2014
  • Bachelor's degree, Peace and Conflict Studies/Political Science, Uppsala university 2013
  • Trainee, Security Policy Department, Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs 2013


My main research area is religiously defined armed conflicts, that is, armed conflicts involving violent groups who raise explicitly religious political demands. Within this larger context I focus on Islamist armed conflicts and topics such as conflict resolution, terrorism, and counterterrorism.

Blog posts, op-eds, and reports

Finnbogason, D & Svensson, I (2017). Why have there been no jihadist civil wars in Southeast Asia? Sustainable Security, 6 September.

Finnbogason, D & Svensson, I (2016). Jihadism utan gränser. Mänsklig Säkerhet, 16 September.

Finnbogason, Daniel (2016). Nya förhoppningar om fred i Filippinerna? Mänsklig Säkerhet, 21 June.

Blix, H., Ekéus, R., Hirdman, S., Oscarsson, S., Schori, P., Åkerström, L. & Ingelstam, L (main author) (2016). Sverige, Nato och säkerheten: betänkande från Natoutredningen. Celanders förlag.

Finnbogason, D. (2015). Lägesuppdatering om Sydkinesiska sjön och pirater i Malackasundet. Tidskrift i sjöväsendet, N:r 1 2015, 66-72.


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