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Anna Nydahl

doctoral/PhD student at Department of Ecology and Genetics, Limnology

+4618-471 2706
Visiting address:
Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum (EBC)
Norbyv. 18 D
75236 Uppsala
Postal address:
Norbyv. 18 D
75236 Uppsala

Short presentation

My research is focused on understanding the influence of organic carbon quality changes on greenhouse gas emission (GHG) from inland waters. The main intention is to examine linkages between dissolved organic matter (DOM) quality and GHG production and accumulation rates along the aquatic continuum, i.e. from headwaters towards the sea. With this kind of new knowledge I then aim to improve estimates of inland water GHG accumulation and emission rates.

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My PhD research is part of the EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions - Innovative Training Network C-Cascades (Carbon Cascades from Land to Ocean in the Anthropocene) and is also incorporated into the project “Inland water ecosystems in the global carbon cycle – towards a mechanistic understanding”.


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