Marcus Wallner

doctoral/PhD student at Department of Social and Economic Geography

+4618-471 2511
Visiting address:
Ekonomikum, Kyrkogårdsg. 10
Postal address:
Box 513
751 20 UPPSALA

Short presentation

My research focuses on issues around mineral resources, property rights and environmental justice in contemporary Sweden. I am particularly interested in the attempts to reopen old iron ore mines in the historical mining district of Bergslagen. The working title of the thesis is Undermining Ethical Life: Mining Rights and Environmental Injustice in Central Sweden. My supervisors are Tom Mels and Brett Christophers.

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Conference presentations:

  • New Yet Old? The Brownfield/Greenfield Distinction in a Historical Mining District in Sweden, American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting 2018, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Session: 'Dead' Land and the End of Capitalism? Interrogating the Politics of Toxic Environments and Capitalist Accumulation.
  • What Lies Beneath: The Work of Mineral Reserves Reporting Standards, 4S 2015, Denver, Colorado, USA. Session: STS Underground: Investigating the Technoscientific Worlds of Mining and Subterranean Extraction I.
  • 'EU'rope Beneath Our Feet? Geology, Security and the Making of Vertical Territory in the European Union, Nordic Geographers Meeting 2015, Tartu, Estonia. Session: Critical Geographies of the Circumpolar North.
  • Neoliberalization, Mining and Areas of National Interest in Sweden, Dimensions of Political Ecology 2014, Lexington, Kentucky, USA. Session: Breaking Ground in Political Geology: Materials and Economies of Extraction, Energy and Earth.


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