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Nicklas Neuman

post doctoral at Department of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics

+4618-471 2249
Visiting address:
Husargatan 3
752 37 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 560
751 22 UPPSALA

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My courses


I am a PhD and currently on a post doc scholarship funded by The Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (SYLFF). My focus in this project is sustainable food consumption, focusing on meat-reduced diets from a practice-theoretical approach.

My question is simply, how come some people establish a diet that is radically reduced in meat, to the extent that meat eating becomes the exception and vegetarian eating "the normal"? What forms of know-hows, embodied skills, cognitive knowledges, surrounding infrastructural arrangements, technologies and cultural meanings etc. influence this diet transition? The study is being conducted in collaboration with researchers at the Sustainable Consumption Institute at The University of Manchester.

Main methodological skills:

Qualitative interviewing, including focus groups.

Participant observation

Qualitative text analysis

Research groups and networks:

Nordic Association for Food Studies (NAFS)

The Cultural Matters Group (CMG), Department of Sociology (Uppsala University)

Teaching and supervising:

Kostvetenskap C: Kostsociologi, 7.5 hp (C-level)

Kostvetenskap C: Vetenskapliga metoder, 7.5 hp (C-level)

Kostvetenskap: Examensarbete C, 15 hp (C-level)

Matvanor och konsumtionssamhället, 7.5 hp (Master level)

Mat och åldrandets problematik, 7.5 hp (Master level)


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