Henrik Rydéhn

part-time fixed-term lecturer at Department of Philosophy, Theoretical Philosophy; Academic Staff

Visiting address:
Engelska parken, Thunbergsvägen 3 H
Postal address:
Box 627
751 26 UPPSALA

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Doctoral Student in Theoretical Philosophy.

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Since June 2010, I am a doctoral student at Uppsala University. Prior to that date, I carried out undergraduate studies at the University of Gothenburg, mainly in Theoretical Philosophy, Practical Philosophy and General Linguistics.

For the fall semester of 2017, I was a visiting research scholar at Rutgers University, New Jersey.


My area of specialization is metaphysics, but I am interested in a wide variety of philosophical issues, particularly in metaethics, the philosophy of language and normative ethics. In metaphysics, my work has come more and more to revolve around the core structural concepts of metaphysics, like grounding, essence, dependence, fundamentality, modality, and others.

My dissertation project aims to contribute to the study of grounding. Grounding is the relation that is increasingly thought to underlie certain explanations in philosophy (and beyond) where "in virtue of" or "because" talk is employed. We might, for example, think that a particular action is morally wrong because it inflicts unnecessary harm, or that a certain glass is brittle (i.e. disposed to shatter if struck) in virtue of its having a certain microstructure. But explanations like these seem to differ in certain ways from causal explanations, e.g. in sometimes not concerning physical things or facts and by being temporally instantaneous (rather than holding between an earlier event and a later one, as in the case of causation). Considerations like these have lead many philosophers in the grounding literature to call grounding a relation of "non-causal determination".

In my dissertation, I am concerned with various questions about how to best understand grounding, as well as how it relates to other central metaphysical concepts.

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