Organisation and staff

35.2 Department of Cell and Molecular Biology

Contact information

Visiting address:
Uppsala Biomedicinska Centrum (BMC) Husarg. 3
Postal address:
Box 596, 751 24 UPPSALA
Web page:
Head of department:
David Van der Spoel 018-471 4205
Deputy head of department:
Maria Selmer 018-471 4177
Director of studies first cycle:
Fredrik Söderbom
Director of studies third cycle:
Sandra Kleinau 018-471 4061
University directory administration:
Akiko Cerenius 018-471 5046
IT management:
Erling Wikman 018-471 4544
Daniel Westphal 018-471 4914

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Uppsala Biomedicinska Centrum (BMC) Husarg. 3

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