4.6.2 Electronic Publishing Centre

Part of University Library

At the Electronic Publishing Centre (EPC) we work with issues related to scientific publishing and open access. We handle the entire publication process for books and doctoral theses, coordinate the Universities publications within the Acta-series and give advice in graphic design. We also lead the development of the publishing system DiVA (http://www.diva-portal.org/) used at 46 universities, research institutes, public authorities and museums.

Thesis Production: avhandling@ub.uu.se

DiVA Helpdesk for researchers and staff at Uppsala University: diva-helpdesk@ub.uu.se

Graphic Services: grafiskservice@uu.se

Read more about DiVA consortium and DiVA portal: http://www.diva-portal.org/smash/aboutdiva.jsf?dswid=9347.

Contact information

Visiting address:
Observatoriet, Kyrkogårdsgatan 8A
Postal address:
Box 510, 751 20 UPPSALA
Web page:
Head of office:
Aina Svensson 018-471 7105

Employees (faculty, staff and other members)