Organisation and staff

1.1 University Board

The University Board, or Consistory, is responsible for planning and executing the University’s scholarly, financial and administrative affairs. Operational leadership is exercised by the Vice-Chancellor of Uppsala University. The majority of University Board members are appointed by the Government, but the Board also includes teacher and student representatives. Staff representatives have the right to attend and express their opinions.

Chair: Carola Lemne
Vice-chair: Gunnar Svedberg

Vice-Chancellor: Professor Eva Åkesson

Alternate member in the Vice-Chancellor’s absence:
Professor Anders Malmberg, Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Appointed by the government (until 30th of April 2017)
Carola Lemne, Associate Professor
Birgitta Ed, entrepreneur
Gunilla Fransson, Lic Sci
Uli Hacksell, Professor
Peter Luthersson, Associate Professor
Christina Mattsson, former director of the Nordic Museum
Gunnar Svedberg, Professor
Johan Wall, CEO

Teacher representatives: (until 30th of April 2017)
Professor Dan I Andersson
Professor Danuta Fjellstad
Professor Maria Strömme

Alternate: Professor Sven Widmalm

Student representatives (until 30 June 2018):
Rozbe Bozorgi
Martin Holmer
Adam Sabir

Sofie Annerfalk (1 alt.)
Felix Olin (2 alt.)

Staff representatives with right to attend and express opinions:
Ellena Papaioannou, service assistant (SEKO)
Per Sundman, Senior Lecturer (SACO)
Marie Ols, Administrative Coordinator (ST-ATF)

Tina Hedmo, Senior Lecturer (SACO)
Lars Östman, Department Technician (SEKO)
Janne Backlund, Senior Lecturer (ST-ATF)

Principal rapporteur:
Katarina Bjelke, University Director

Linda Lundberg, Academy Secretary

The University Board is also the board for foundations connected with Uppsala University (see section 43).

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