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Nataska Statham

universitetsadjunkt vid Institutionen för speldesign

018-471 8267, 0498-108267
Skeppsbron 24 (Björkanderska)
621 57 VISBY
Uppsala universitet Campus Gotland
621 67 VISBY

Kort presentation

I specialize in 3D modeling, animation and motion capture. I love bringing new characters to life, and teaching others how to do the same.


Mina kurser


I started in game development as a 3D modeler and animator. With close to a decade of experience and a list of published titles - Battlefield 3, Kane & Lynch 2, Alan Wake, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, ArmA and many others - I decided it was time to teach others what I knew, and these days I focus on my students. They're wonderful. I have the pleasure of teaching a smart, inquisitive and creative new generation of game developers who are now themselves starting their own careers.

I wish them the best.


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