Mattias Lundberg

professor at Department of Musicology

+4618-471 1584
Visiting address:
Engelska parken, Thunbergsv 3H
Postal address:
Box 633
751 26 UPPSALA

My courses


Born in Tjärstad, Östergötland, in 1976. Finished secondary school at Linköping Cathedral School in 1995. Vocational organist certificate (Kantorsexamen) in 1999. B.A. with first class honours in Music, Latin and History of Art in 2002. Head of Rare Collections, Swedish National Collections of Music 2006. Ph.D. in Musicology at the University of Liverpool in 2007. Associate Professor (Docent) in 2013. Professor at Uppsala University in 2015.

Elected member of Young Academy of Sweden in 2015

Awarded Swedish Radio Prize for the music history series "Den svenska musikhistorien" ('The History of Music in Sweden').

Head of Swedish working group of Répertoire international des sources musicales 2006-2014.


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