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Lisa Börjesson

doctoral student at Department of ALM

+4618-471 3385
Visiting address:
Engelska parken
Thunbergsv. 3H
751 26 Uppsala
Postal address:
Box 625
751 26 UPPSALA

Short presentation

I'm a PhD student in information science at the department of ALM at Uppsala University in Sweden. My research is one part of the project ARKDIS, funded by the Swedish Research Council. My future research will focus on the information related conditions for researchers working outside academic institutions.

My supervisors are Pol.Dr., docent Isto Huvila (Åbo Akademi), Ph.D., senior lecturer Åse Hedemark (Uppsala University) and Ph.D., professor Olof Sundin (Lund University).


Keywords: information studies science studies sociology of knowledge documentation studies studies of extra-academic research studies of archaeological documentation

My courses


My Ph.D. research is focused on documentation practices in development-led archaeology. I study development-led archaeology as one example of extra-academic research. The aim of my research is to improve the understandings of how administrative regulations of, and scientific ideals for documentation, meet and merge in the material practices of extra-academic research, using development-led archaeology as a case study.

Development-led archaeology documentation is relevant to research since it plays a central role in contemporary cultural heritage management. Moreover the documentation is the source of knowledge about previous archaeological surveys and excavations. The development-led archaeology documentation is a stage for an ongoing debate about what archaeologists should document, how they should document, and for whom. This debate is fueled by the 'digitization' in the sciences and in society in general, and the regulations, ideals and practices brought into archaeology along with digitization.

The thesis will be a compilation thesis finished by the fall 2017.

My previous research interests include library planning and professional development, library services for disabled children, and qualitative interviews as a method in practice based research.


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