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Göran Rönnerdal

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My education includes a Master of Arts degree, a teacher training diploma, authorization as a legal interpreter in English and Swedish, and a Licentiate degree in English. The title of my forthcoming doctoral thesis is Temporal Clauses in Early Modern English. Variation and Change.
In my thesis, two primary sources, one computerized text corpus and one manually analyzed, are used in the diachronic survey presented: the EModE period of the Helsinki Corpus of English Texts (HCE) and my own Major Authors Corpus (MAC), which covers roughly the same EModE period. The HCE totals 551,000 words, and the MAC consists of 180,000 words. Both corpora contain representative texts of different genres from the end of the 15th century up to the 1730s. The total number of words in these two corpora thus exceeds 700,000, and the material yields some 3,150 instances of about 25 different temporal groups.
My thesis is organized as follows: after a discussion of aim, scope, terminology, and theoretical framework, the overall distribution of temporal clauses and the structure and history of subordinating conjunctions are analyzed; the syntactic and semantic characteristics of the clauses are also investigated. A central issue is the influence on temporal clauses of the text categories and text types in the HCE.
Before I retired in 2008, my teaching included economic and legal English, essay writing, grammar, history of English, linguistics, and phonetics starting in 1967. I held positions such as research assistant, student counsellor, and lecturer. My special interests are history of English, pronunciation and phonetics, and syntax. I also taught English at university courses in Avesta, Borlänge, Eskilstuna, Sandviken, Sundsvall, Visby, Västerås, and Örebro. I have participated regularly at international historical conferences in English.
In addition to the Licentiate thesis, my publications include: English Pronunciation. A Handbook (1993, 2nd ed.); Introducing English Pronunciation (2005, 3rd ed.); English Pronunciation. A Workbook (2005, 4th ed.). These three books were written with Stig Johansson. For a number of years, I was also secretary of the local branch of the Association of Swedish University Teachers in Uppsala, a member of its national board for university lecturers, and a member of the English department board at Uppsala University.


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