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Jonna Lind

doktorand vid Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper, Tillämpad materialvetenskap

018-471 3069
Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1
752 37 UPPSALA
Box 534
751 21 UPPSALA

Mina kurser


My research objective is to understand the tribology of polymeric materials, especially in automotive applications such as clutch actuators and gearshift servos. Traditional metals are now increasingly being replaced by polymeric materials, because of their light weight. Lighter weight of the automotive components leads to energy savings, hence the interest in polymers as substitutes.

Today polymers are already successfully used to some extent in these applications. But the future automotive applications will have to endure higher temperatures and last longer. Understanding of the tribology of polymeric materials is these environments will lead to better choices of polymeric materials and therefore also energy savings.

This project is supported by Kongsberg Automotive and the Research Council of Norway.


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