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Arwid Lund

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I am a senior researcher and lecturer at the Department of ALM. My research interests involve social media, open data, open knowledge, open access, critical theory,knowledge/information production and organisation, history of encyclopedias, folksonomies and web 2.0, cultural heritage, e-archives, free and open software, commons, peer production, and political economy.

As a lecturer I like the encounter with the students and the (hopefully) resulting dialectial processes of learning.

Nyckelord: political economy sociala media information studies commons-based peer production critical theory history of encyclopedias open access open data open knowledge copyright free culture free and open source software cultural theory

Mina kurser


PhD in Information Studies, researcher in Library and Information Science at the Department of ALM (Archival Studies, Library and Information Science, Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies), Uppsala University, Sweden. I publicly defended my dissertation (Realm of Freedom, Wikipedians on their practice, mode of production and capitalism) on October 2, 2015. I am the author of three books in Swedish, and I have worked as a librarian with digital publishing and digital repositories. I was an activist in social movements during the 1990’s, and the first years of the new millennium.


My current research focuses on social movements and actors engaged with the questions of open knowledge and open data. I am especially interested in how the interface between open knowledge and big data is understood politically.


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