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Jonas Larsson Taghizadeh

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PhD in Political Science, Uppsala University 2016

MA (Pol. mag.) in Political Science, Uppsala University 2009

BA in economics, Uppsala University 2010


Long-term and short-term effects of school closures on student achievement and university attendance in Sweden 2000-2012

Are some parents Being Discriminated when Choosing Schools for their Children? An Experimental Study on Discrimination among Public Officials in Sweden


The purpose of my dissertation project was to explore how and under what circuimstances politicians are influenced by ad hoc advocacy groups (such as protest networks) on the local level. The project consists of three articles focusing on the case of school closures in Sweden.The first article demonstrates how ad-hoc advocacy groups use policy relevant information to influence politicians on the local level in Sweden. The second article expands on the first article by analysing which ad-hoc groups and individuals (in terms of education, rural/urban areas) that convey policy relevant information to local governments, and the political resources that might be needed to do so. The third article analyses the interplay between advocacy groups and political parties. I argue that groups that can mobilise swing voters and the ruling parties' core voters have reasonable chances of influencing their decisions.

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Current project (Pågående):

Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of School Closures on Student Achievement in Sweden 2000–2016


The aim of this paper is to investigate the short-term and long-term effects of school closures on student achievement.1 In contrast to previous studies that only analyze the effects of school closures on displaced students, this study also takes account of the effects on subsequent cohort of students who never experience the disruption of the move. Furthermore, the study is the first to estimate the effects of school closures outside the US. The effects are analyzed using a quasi-experimental study on all lower secondary school closures in Sweden 2000–2012. The performance of students who graduated from closed Swedish secondary schools are compared with the performance of their younger siblings who were expected to graduate from the same schools but as a result of the closures attended other schools. To control for time-specific trends such as grade inflation and non-random treatment allocation, the achievement differentials among the sibling pairs of interests are compared with those of matched sibling pairs in terms of family characteristics, school characteristics and time of graduation, that were not affected by closures.

Are some parents Being Discriminated when Choosing Schools for their Children? The First Experimental Study on Discrimination among Public Officials in Sweden


The aim with our project is to investigate the occurrence of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender and socioeconomic status among Swedish public officials. Our study has an innovative research design. All 4600 Swedish elementary schools will be contacted via emails from fictional aliases. With a correspondence test design it will be studied whether parents with Arabic-sounding names receive information of the same quality as parents with Swedish-sounding names when it comes to questions these fictitious aliases ask about how the process works when choosing schools. It will also be studied whether women receive receive information of the same quality as men and whether letters containing linguistic errors receive answers of the same quality as letters without such errors; the latter intended to capture discrimination based on socioeconomic status. Experimental studies are very rare in previous research, why valid evidence is lacking on the extent of discrimination among public officials, and our experiment would be the first undertaken in Scandinavia. In addition, there is a lack of knowledge on the causes of discrimination, which here will be studied with the help of a followup Implicit Association Test (IAT) capturing automatic processes and a questionnaire capturing explicit attitudes directed to the public officials. To our knowledge, the study is the first worldwide combining these tests to study the causes of discrimination among public officials in a field setting.


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