Ludvig Norman

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Phd, Forskare och lärare, Uppsala Universitet

Senior Fellow, Institute of European Studies, UC Berkeley, hemsida

Forskare, Utrikespolitiska Institutet (from 1 Januari, 2018)

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My research interests cover mainly European politics, international relations, the European Union and social science methodology with a special focus on qualitative methods and process tracing.

ONGOING PROJECT: In a recently initiated project I investigate how conceptions of political community and the European project is mobilized in the response to perceived threats against democracy at the European level. The project looks at debates in the European Parliament from two periods. The project also investigates recently adopted legislation which sets new criteria for European political parties in the Parliament.

Recent conference paper on this topic:

'The European Responce to Extreme Nationalism: Evidence from the European Union' paper presented at the 2017 International Studies Association Annual Convention, 23-26 February, Baltimore.

Bureaucratic politics and Institutional conflict in the European Union This theme was at the basis of my PhD dissertation (defended December 2013) and focuses on the European Union and its institutions. It adresses why institutional conflicts break out over decision making competencies in the EU and what the possible outcomes of such conflicts are in terms institutional change.

Dissertation: From Friends to Foes: Institutional Conflict and Supranational Influence in the European Union (defended december 2013. External examiner: Jeffrey T. Checkel)


2016 The Mechanisms of Institutional Conflict in the European Union. Oxon: Routledge

Journal articles

2017 Three Models of Democratic Self-Defence: Militant Democracy and Its Alternatives, Political Studies (available online before print) (w. Anthoula Malkopoulou).

2017 Theorizing the Social Foundations of Exceptional Security Politics: rights, emotions and community, Cooperation and Conflict (available online before print)

2017 Path dependency and convergence of three worlds of welfare policy during the Great Recession: UK, Germany and Sweden, Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy (Available online before publication) (w. Kiess, J. Temple, L. and Uba, K.).

2017 'Defending the European Political Order: Visions of Politics in Response to the Radical Right' European Journal of Social Theory, 20(4): 531-549.

2016 ‘Conceptualizing European Security Cooperation: Competing international political orders and domestic factors’ European Journal of International Relations, 22(4): 749-772. (co-authored with Anna Michalski)

2015 'Interpretive Process Tracing and Causal Explanations' Newsletter of the American Political Sceince Association's Organized Section on Qualitative and Multi-Methods Research, 13(2):4-9.

2015 'When norms and rules collide: the social production of institutional conflict in the European Union' Journal of European Public Policy 22(5): 630-649. Available online:

2011 Political Utilization of Scholarly Ideas: The "Clash of Civilizations" vs. "Soft Power" in US Foreign Policy. Review of International Studies 37(1): 417-436 (co-authored with Johan Eriksson) Available online at

Other papers (work in progress)

Mechanisms of Change in International Political Orders: the case of internet governance (with Niklas Bremberg), paper presented at the 2017 Annual Convention of the International Studies Association, 23-26 February, Baltimore.

European Governance of Security and Development presented at the workshop Decentering European Governance at UC Berkeley, April 21, 2017.

Meaning and Process in the Study of Politics paper to be presented at the 2017 annual meeting of APSA, August 31-September 3, San Francisco.

Policy report

2015 'Austerity Measures Across Europe'. In Defence of Welfare II, Social Policy Association. Available at:

Other affiliations

Academic year 2016-2017 Visiting Scholar at the Institute of European Studies, UC Berkeley.

Spring 2010 (April-June) Visting Researcher at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).

2007 Associated Researcher, Swedish Institute of International Affairs


I teach International Relations (basic and advanced level), Social Science Methodology (Basic and Master level), Analytical perspectives in Political Science (PhD level) and regularly supervise student theses (BA, MA, and PhD). Currently course convenor for the Master course in research methods (with Olle Folke).


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