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Stephen Donovan

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Akademiska meriter: Docent

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Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.


BA Oxford, 1991. PhD Gothenburg, 2001. Swedish Research Council Postdoctoral
Fellow, 2002-2006. Visiting Scholar: Stanford University, 1997-1998;
Columbia University, 2004-2005; New York University, 2005-2006. Visiting
Lecturer: Royal Holloway College, London, 2000-2001; University of the
Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 2005; University of Indonesia, Jakarta


Spring 2010: Gender Matters (MA)

Areas of interest

Anglo-American Modernism, early film, colonial literature, literary theory,
periodical history, multimedia pedagogy.

I. Book

Joseph Conrad and Popular Culture. Palgrave, 2005. Awarded Joseph Conrad Society's Adam Gillon Prize.

II. Edited works

Authority Matters: Rethinking the Theory and Practice of Authorship. Co-edited with Danuta Fjellestad and Rolf Lundén. Rodopi, 2008.

Under Western Eyes by Joseph Conrad*. Penguin, 2007.

III. Journal editing

Triple-issue of Conradiana on "Conrad and Serialization". Guest editor with Linda Dryden and Robert Hampson. Texas Tech University Press, in press.

Special issue of Screening the Past 25 (July 2009), Colonial Africa on the Silent Screen: Recovering "The Rose of Rhodesia" (1918). Guest editor with Vreni Hockenjos. Latrobe University.

Double-issue of English Studies in Africa 50.1-2 (Autumn 2008), "Beyond Nationalism: New Perspectives on Zimbabwean and Rhodesian Writing". Guest editor with Ashleigh Harris. University of South Africa Press, Autumn 2008.

IV. Electronic resource

CONRAD FIRST. Comprehensive archive of Joseph Conrad’s writings in serial form.

V. Essays in books

"Popular Culture." Conrad in Context. Ed. Allan Simmons. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2009. 204-211.

"Gorgeous Eloquence: Conrad and Shadowgraphy." Conrad and the Performing Arts. Ed. Katherine Isobel Baxter and Richard J. Hand. Ashgate, 2009. 96-110.

"Pleasant Spectres and Malformed Shades: Stevenson, Conrad, and Spiritualism."Stevenson and Conrad: Writers of Transition. Ed. Stephen Arata and Linda Dryden. Texas Tech University Press, 2009. 223-41.

"Author, Authorship, Authority, and Other Matters" (with Danuta Fjellestad and Rolf Lundén). Authority Matters. Rodopi, 2008. 1-19.

"In the Papers: Hardy, Joyce, and the Modernist Moment." Authority Matters. Rodopi, 2008. 163-92.

"Fraudesia: The British South Africa Company and Its Critics." Enemies of Empire: New Perspectives on Imperialism, Literature and History. Ed. Éoin Flannery and Angus Mitchell. Four Courts Press, 2007. 101-12.

"The Muse of Blackwood’s: Charles Whibley and Literary Criticism in the World."Spinning Threads of Gold: Literary Culture and the Blackwood Tradition, 1805-1930. Ed. David Finkelstein. University of Toronto Press, 2006. 259-86. Volume awarded Robert Colby Memorial Prize by the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals.

"Touring In Extremis: Travel and Adventure in the Congo." Travel Writing in the Nineteenth Century. Ed. Tim Youngs. Anthem Press, 2006. 37-54.

"Stevenson and Popular Entertainment." Robert Louis Stevenson, Writer of Boundaries. Ed. Richard Drury and Richard Ambrosini. University of Wisconsin Press, 2006. 70-82.

"In Darkest England and the Way Out: Imagining Empire, Imagining Britain."Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism: Volume 148. Ed. Russel Whitaker. Gale, 2005. 270-6. Reprinted from *Moderna Språk *XCIII/1 (1999). 12-23.

"Conrad’s World of Advertising: 'An Anarchist' (1906) and 'The Partner' (1911)."Joseph Conrad: The Short Fiction. Ed. Daphna Erdinast-Vulcan, Allan H. Simmons, and J.H. Stape. Rodopi, 2004. 72-95.

"Prosaic Newspaper Stunts: Conrad, Modernity and the Press." Conrad at the Millennium: Modernism, Postmodernism, Postcolonialism. Ed. Gail Fincham. Columbia University Press, 2002. 53-72. Awarded the Joseph Conrad Society's Juliet McLauchlan Essay Prize.

VI. Articles in peer-reviewed journals

"Introduction." Conradiana (Spring 2010), in press.

"Conrad and the Harmsworth Empire: the Daily Mail, London Magazine, The TimesEvening News, and Hutchinson’s Magazine." Conradiana (Spring 2010), in press.

"Conrad and the Garlands: An Unpublished Letter of 1922." The Conradian 34/2 (Spring 2010), in press.

"Introduction" (with Vreni Hockenjos). Screening the Past 25 (July 2009).

"Guns and Roses: Reading for Gender in The Rose of Rhodesia." Screening the Past 25 (July 2009).

"Introduction" (with Ashleigh Harris). English Studies in Africa 50.1-2 (Autumn 2008), 1-19.

"Their Place in the Sun: Rhodesia and Women Readers, 1900-1930." English Studies in Africa 50.1-2 (Autumn 2008), 41-56.

"Conrad in Swedish: The First Translation." The Conradian 31/2 (Autumn 2006): 114-35.

"Sunshine and Shadows: Conrad and Early Cinema." Conradiana 35/3 (Summer 2004): 237-56. Awarded the Joseph Conrad Society of America’s Young Scholar Prize.

"SHORT BUT TO THE POINT: Newspaper Typography in 'Aeolus.'" James JoyceQuarterly 40/3 (Spring 2003): 519-41.

"Snow Is General: Newspaper Weather Forecasting in 'The Dead.'" Hypermedia Joyce Studies 3/1 (2002).

"Conrad’s Unholy Recollection." Notes & Queries 49/1 (March 2002): 82-84.

"Dead Men’s News: Joyce’s 'A Painful Case' and the Modern Press." Journal of Modern Literature 24/1 (Fall 2000): 25-45.

"Figures, facts, theories: Conrad and Chartered Company Imperialism." The Conradian 24/2 (Autumn 1999): 31-60.


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