Kristine Eck

universitetslektor vid Institutionen för freds- och konfliktforskning

018-471 2350
Gamla Torget 3, 1tr
753 20 Uppsala
Box 514
751 20 UPPSALA

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Kristine Eck is an Associate Professor and former Director of the Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP). She has been a visiting researcher at Oxford University, University of Notre Dame, Kobe University, and Copenhagen University. She received her PhD from Uppsala University in 2010.

Her research interests concern the organization and behavior of actors engaged in organized violence. Broadly speaking, her work is united by an interest in state coercion and strategies of resistance. She is writing a book on the colonial roots of repression. Dr. Eck’s work has been funded by the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry. Her research has been published in journals such as the International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Conflict Resolution, Journal of Peace Research, Human Rights Quarterly, and Security Studies. She has done fieldwork in Nepal and Burma/Thailand, as well as archival work in Malaysia, Singapore and the UK.


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