Sebastian Abrahamsson

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I am currently working as a researcher in the project "

Nyckelord: qualitative methods sts ethnography • cultural analysis waste

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My work is situated in science and technology studies (STS) but draws on experiences I have gained and lessons I have learned while moving between difference disciplines and countries. In 2011 I graduated as DPhil at the School of Geography in Oxford. 2011-2014 I worked as a postdocotoral fellow at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology in Amsterdam, and 2016-2018 I was funded by a Marie Curie individual grant at the SAXO institute, Copenhagen University.

In my previous research I have been interested in food waste and, more specifically, the various practices that consumers develop and are involved in to (try to) stop food going to waste. Currently I am exploring the different kinds of values created by transformation of organic wastes (food waste and waste water) into biogas and fertilizers. In particular, I am interested in where, how and by whom such values and valuations get done.


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