Marsela Dauti

forskare vid Statsvetenskapliga institutionen, Forskare och lärare

Gamla Torget 6
Box 514
751 20 UPPSALA

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Marsela Dauti is a Marie Curie Fellow at the Department of Government. Her research focuses on issues of government accountability, women's representation in politics, and evidence-based policy making. Dauti received her PhD and MSW from the Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in Saint Louis. Before joining the Department of Government at Uppsala University, she was an Associate Professor at the University of Tirana and the University of New York in Tirana (Albania).

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Using mixed methods, Dauti investigates how citizens engage with government officials and demand responsiveness in post-authoritarian contexts. In collaboration with community organizations, she applies innovative, participatory methods to promote government responsiveness and accountability in Albanian communities. Dauti has published on the topics of accountability and community development in the British Journal of Social Work, Global Social Welfare, Social Development Issues, Journal of Human Rights and Social Work, East European Politics and Societies, and Community Development Journal. The research of Dauti has contributed to the work of development agencies in Albania. Her current research project, funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme, investigates the impact of gender quotas on local decision making. Combining qualitative methods and big data, she examines whether and how electoral gender quotas affect practices of governance and advance democratization in clientelistic regimes.


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