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Colin Courtney-Mustaphi

forskare vid Institutionen för arkeologi och antik historia, Arkeologi

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I combine environmental, archaeological, anthropological, historical, and remote sensing data to understand natural and anthropogenic influences on ecosystems and landscapes. I also investigate evidence of human modifications to ecosystems, varying degrees of impact through time, and future trajectory scenarios of managed landscapes. Results are applied to social values and perceptions of landscapes and building multi-stakeholder consensus for land management policy, regulation and practices.

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Detta stycke finns inte på svenska, därför visas den engelska versionen.

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I have been conducting research through multiple projects related to environmental sciences that are of relevance to the public and policy makers. Research themes focus on how ecosystems function, their processes of change, and how humans interact with their environment. This includes long-term ecological responses to climate change, human land-use modifications, and impacts of human activities as populations continue to rise. I am involved in projects looking at how changes to fire regimes impacts ecosystems, pollution in the urban and rural landscapes, invasive species and I continue to examine these human-environment interactions at study sites in the Arctic, east Africa, United Kingdom, and Canada, as well as involvement in global-scale database projects. I continue to do research in a multidisciplinary framework and engage with non-academic partners; such as city councils, conservation and development NGOs, and private companies.

Long-term ecology

I use sediments to reconstruct past environmental variability using sedimentological and palaeoecological methods. By studying the past we can start to understand how ecosystems might respond to future climatic and land-use changes. My recent research focuses on characterising past climate, vegetation, and disturbance regime variability to understand the mechanisms influencing ecosystem processes and how human activity has modified landscapes.



United Kingdom projects:

Assessing impacts of Green Infrastructure on Urban Air Quality

Global projects:

African projects:

Adaptation & Resilience to Climate Change (ARCC) funded under the Research Project Grant Sustainability and Resilience - Tackling climate and environmental changes 2016 (Sida - Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) (2016-2019).

Project Overview of Resilience in East African Landscapes (REAL) - Rob Marchant, Paul Lane

North American projects:

Arctic projects:


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