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Sofia Ahlberg

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Nyckelord: american literature the intersection of literature and technology in a digital age oil and water in literature contemporary literature

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I am a tenured lecturer in literary studies with La Trobe University, Australia. Currently, I am on a secondment with the English Department at Uppsala where I will be teaching within the American Literature program.

My research interest in energy humanities has resulted in a new book-length project that explores the triumphs and coming trials for oil culture, as these are imagined in contemporary literature. More information:  Blazing Words: Literary Perspectives on the Passing of Oil




Ahlberg, Sofia. Atlantic Afterlives in Contemporary Fiction: The Oceanic Imaginary since the Information Age. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016.

Book Chapters

Ahlberg, Sofia. “Fotminne.” Loanwords to Live With: An Ecotopian Lexicon Against the Anthropocene. Eds. Brent Ryan Bellamy, Chantal Bilodeau and Matthew Schneider-Mayerson (forthcoming 2017).

Ahlberg, Sofia.“Written on Water: David Vann’s Evocation of Walter Benjamin’s Dictum ‘to read what was never written’.” Water Natures and Cultures: Critical Essays on Water in Contemporary Literature and Film. Nevada: U of Nevada P. Ed. Paula Farca (forthcoming 2017).

Ahlberg, Sofia. “Via Dolores: The Passage of the Feminine as Contraband in Nabokov’s Fiction.” Nabokov’s Women: The Silent Sisterhood of Textual Nomads. Ed. Rakhimova-Sommers, Elena, ed.. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books (forthcoming 2017.

Ahlberg, Sofia. “Espionage and the War on Secrecy and Terror in Graham Greene and Beyond.” Detecting Detection: International Perspectives on the Uses of a Plot. Eds. Peter Baker and Deborah Shaller. London: Continuum (2012).

Ahlberg, Sofia. “Transatlanticism.” Teaching Nineteenth Century Fiction. Teaching the New English Series. Eds. Andrew Maunder and Jennifer Phegley. New York: Palgrave Macmillan in conjunction with the English Subject Centre (2010).

Ahlberg, Sofia. “Within Oceanic Reach: The Effects of September 11 on a Drought-Stricken Nation.” From Solidarity to Schisms: 9/11 From Outside the U.S. Ed. Cara Cilano. Amsterdam + New York: Rodopi (2009).

Journal Articles (peer-reviewed)

Ahlberg, Sofia. “Goodbye Crude World: The Aesthetics of Environmental Catastrophe in Michel Faber’s The Book of Strange New Things and Edward Burtynsky’s Oil Photographs.” The Comparatist Special Issue: Catastrophe (forthcoming 2017).

Ahlberg, Sofia. “The Incorrigible Other: Representations of the American Girl in European Twentieth-Century Literature.” Journal of Modern Literature 33.3 (2010): 64-77.

Ahlberg, Sofia. “ ‘Becoming a Different Me’: Simone de Beauvoir on Freedom and Transatlantic Sexual Stereotypes.” New Readings: Cardiff School of European Studies Vol. 10, 2009.

Ahlberg, Sofia. “Women and War in Contemporary Love Stories from Uganda and Nigeria.” Comparative Literature Studies 46.2 (2009):  407-424.

Ahlberg, Sofia. “Günter Grass as Literary Intellectual: Memory, Ambiguity, and Constructive Conflict.” Studies in the Humanities 35.2 (2008): 216-230.

Sofia Ahlberg is also a regular contributor to Public Scholarship, including publications such as The Conversation.


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