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Malgorzata Blicharska

universitetslektor vid Institutionen för geovetenskaper, Naturresurser och Hållbar utveckling

Villavägen 16
75236 Uppsala
Villavägen 16
75236 Uppsala

Mina kurser


I have a master degree in forestry and biology and a PhD in biology; however, during my PhD time I worked with broadly understood conservation issues, focused most of all on social and political dimensions. This included the conservation policies implementation, public participation in environmental decision making, spatial planning for biodiversity conservation and conservation conflicts. Additionally, I worked with application of sustainable forest management concept, implementation of action plans for threatened species, and the role of religions in conservation of biodiversity.

After obtaining my PhD degree in 2011 I worked as a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, SLU, within a large project BESAFE (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services: Arguments for our Future Environment) supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. BESAFE investigated the argumentation for biodiversity conservation and the effectiveness of different arguments in the policy process. The project also considered the role of ecosystem services concept in demonstrating the value of biodiversity.

In summer 2012 I worked as a post-doctoral fellow in Poland, at the Mammal Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Białowieża. I was investigating the use of ecosystem services from the Białowieża Forest for the local communities and its impact on the local people’s attitudes towards the potential enlargement of the Białowieża National Park (within an EU project BIOCONSUS: Research Potential in Conservation and Sustainable Management of Biodiversity).

Since the end of 2013 I worked in the Swedish Biodiversity Centre (CBM) with a project concerning relation between social-economic factors and biodiversity of urban ponds in Stockholm area (funded by CBM) and a project on assessment and valuation of ecosystem services in the Swedish mountains (funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency). At the same time I was continuing working with the BESAFE project at the Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, until August 2015.

My work at the Department of Earth Sciences will be focus on the assessment of the governance aspects and management measures (e.g. fish conservation and habitat restoration) aimed at promoting fishery resources in the Baltic Sea region, socio-economic valuation of recreational fisheries, and ecological and socio-economic evaluation of ecosystem services provided by aquatic and marine ecosystems in coastal areas.


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