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Mikael Nilsson

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Since receiving my Ph. D in 2008 I have mostly been conducting research regarding Swedish security policy during the Cold War, especially Swedish-American military and security relations during the 1950s and 1960s. Since 2015, however, I have changed research area and I am now studying Hitler and the Second World War period, more specifically the history of Hitler's Table Talk.

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My current project (formally begun in February 2015) is thus investigating the background history, and the publications of, the various versions of the so-called Hitler's Table Talk (which are really more of monologues than conversations), or Tischgespräche in German, in existence. It is a source critical project that is very much in line with what I consider to be the methodological specialty of historians, namely source criticism. The project is a three year endeavour financed by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ), and it promises to bring significant contributions to the field of Hitler studies.

The project is comparative in its approach and ties together the various published editions of the table monologues in English, French, and German, as well as their purported sources (i.e. original manuscripts) in order to trace influences, interpolations et cetera. Besides doing this close reading of these editions I am also doing archival research in order to shed further, and much needed, light on the history of them and to make clear how they came about and how they reached us in the form that they now have. Interestingly enogh, these sources have never actually been properly scrutinized by historians. This is why this project is so important. Although much still needs to be done, and a lot of time still remains of the project as I am writing this, what can be said already with great certainty is that historians need to stop quoting these sources as if they are quoting the words of Hitler. Whether or not the sources are genuine they are not dictations or stengraphed records, but notes made from memory that often summarizes hours worth of rambling monologues at night into a few pages.

When I am not working on this project, or teaching history at the university, you can most likely find me in the woods running or in the gym working out. Calisthenics, i.e. bodywieght training, has become a passion of mine!

You will find a selection of my publications below.


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