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LiGuo Wang

doktorand vid Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper, Elektricitetslära

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Ångströmlaboratoriet, Lägerhyddsvägen 1
Box 534
751 21 UPPSALA

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LiGuo Wang started the research on Ocean Renewable Energy from 2011. he has a research experience in  four leading research groups and an education experience in six universities in China, Sweden, Norway and UK. He obtained a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering (3.5 year course + 0.5 year research), and a Master Degree in Fluid Machinery ( 1 year course + 2 year research).

PhD (1 year course + 3-4 year research) defense time: 2017 summer.

Nyckelord: ocean wave energy wave energy converter power take_off system control algorithm and optimization potential flow theory

Mina kurser


1. PhD research topic:

Hydrodynamic modelling and optimization of fully coupled wave energy converters: the wave-to-wire approach.

2. Research Interest:

Research related to ocean wave energy converter, including the control and optimization of Power take-off system, controller design, hydrodynamic calculation using potential flow theory.

3. Academic service:

LiGuo Wang is an active reviewer of following journals (more than 40 papers between 2016.March and 2017 May):

IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics               

Applied Energy                                                            

IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy                  


IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering                         

IET Renewable Power Generation                              

Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy            


Natural Hazard                                                             


Renewable Energy Research

International Journal of Renewable Energy Research                                                               

International Journal of Heavy vehicle Systems

4. Cooperation:
Any communication(cooperation and discussion) via e-mail on ocean wave energy converter is welcome!


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