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Martin Andersson

assistent med doktoranduppgifter vid Institutionen för ekologi och genetik, Limnologi

Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum (EBC)
Norbyv. 18 D
75236 Uppsala
Norbyv. 18 D
75236 Uppsala

Mina kurser


PhD Student

Telephone: +46 (0)18 471 2706

Research Interests
My research interests have a wide spectrum but is as off now focused around the adaptation potential of bacteria and how it affect their consumption of organic matter. That is if a bacteria taxon can adapt their metabolism to new types of organic molecules if it becomes abundant in their surroundings. More specific question regarding this will be what mechanisms are causing these adaptations, how much time is required for an adaptation to take place, how does it vary across taxa, is the recalcitrance of organic matter heavily influenced by the bacteria present in its proximity and so forth.

The next step would then be to investigate how this could affect lake ecosystems and carbon fluxes within lakes. If the adaptation potential to carbon sources is high and this trait widely spread within the bacterial domain it would also have implications for the species concept of bacteria, which is a growing interest of mine. 

Eva Lindström

Lars Tranvik
Silke Langenheder



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